• Wild & Ricey

    Brown rice and wild rice. Blended with dehydrated vegetables, selected herbs and spices.  Wild & Ricey is great with any meal.  The flavors, the colors, the aroma!           So easy.    Just water or liquid of your choice, add wholegrain blend. This seasoned blend will start a conversation at … Buy Now!

    Wild & Ricey
  • Tasty Thyme

    Basmati, red wheat berry, and wild rice. Seasonings are lemon thyme, garlic, onion and additional herbs and spices. A northwest specialty, this blend was originally designed for seafood, and poultry. By accident we discovered it also goes well with pork dishes. Use plenty of water 4 ½ cups to 5 … Buy Now!

    Tasty Thyme
  • Mexicali Wild

    Ole! Brown rice and wild rice blend with dehydrated veggies and 14 herbs and spices. This is a full meal deal. A blend that is sure to please the palate. This is our personal favorites. Just brown hamburger(cook hamburger and blend separately) while the Mexicali is cooking. When the blend is … Buy Now!

    Mexicali Wild
  • Northwest Blend

    Basmati, red wheat berry and wild rice. The aromatic basmati is the featured grain in this wild rice blend. This was designed for a restaurant in Seattle, Washington. Use plenty of water 4 ½ cups to 5 cups of water. Do not cook the water out. Think pasta. The basmati cooks a little faster than the … Buy Now!

    Northwest Blend
  • Certified Organic Wild Rice Blend

    St. Maries wild rice and organic long grain brown rice. Two grains blended for a truly delightful blend. 1/3 wild rice and 2/3 brown rice. Cook time 35-40 min. Keep covered in water at all times during the cooking. Do not cook the water out. Drain when done. GLUTEN FREE … Buy Now!

    Certified Organic Wild Rice Blend
  • Oregon Wild Rice Blends

    To celebrate our 20 years, and Oregon ties, we have developed two new wild rice blends.  One blend for Oregon State in Corvallis, Oregon, and one for the University of Oregon in Eugene.  (The owners graduated from the U of O) The green and yellow clad duck, on the Oregon label, cheers on Duck … Buy Now!

    Oregon Wild Rice Blends
  • St. Marie’s Wild Rice Certified Organic – Grade A Premium

    St. Marie’s wild rice is grown and harvested in the St. Joe River Valley. It is grown in and around the town of St. Maries, Idaho. The wild rice is harvested and batch toasted to bring out the best flavor and texture for cooking. Premium wild rice is the largest of the grains; we refer to it as … Buy Now!

    St. Marie’s Wild Rice Certified Organic –  Grade A Premium
  • Wild Rice Jubilee

    Whole grain Brown rice, red rice, black japonica (pronounced jaw-pon-ika) and wild rice. The black japonica adds a unique color to this blend. The flavor is slightly sweet and has a softer texture than our other blends. Cook time 35 min. Keep this blend covered in water or other liquid at all times … Buy Now!

    Wild Rice Jubilee
  • Quinoa Medley

    Wow! What a trio, Quinoa, Lentils and Wild Rice, blended with brown rice and red rice. A power packed blend sure to please the pallet.  This blend pops with color and texture.     Four popular whole grains and legumes.    A wholegrain  blend for all seasons.    So easy to fix.  Water or liquid of … Buy Now!

    Quinoa Medley
  • Lentil and Wild Rice Medley

    Whole grain Brown rice, lentils, red rice and wild rice.  Grains and legumes. Oh Yeh! Surprise your taste buds with this high protein blend. A delightful blend good as a side dish with dinner or as a breakfast. This is one our softer blends. The lentils add  wonderful flavor and color.   Cook times … Buy Now!

    Lentil and Wild Rice Medley
  • Canadian Lake Wild Rice Certified Organic

    Grown and harvested by our neighbors to the North, this wild rice is the largest grown in North America.  This long grained wild rice is grown in the northern most part of Canada’s pristine lakes.  The area is accessible by air boats.  Cook time is 35 to 45 minutes.  Expands almost 4 times. … Buy Now!

    Canadian Lake Wild Rice Certified Organic
  • Bountiful Barley

    Brown rice, barley, red rice and wild rice. A bouncy blend of whole grains that is as healthy as it is delicious. Cook time 35-40 min. Remember 4 to 5 parts liquid to l part blend. Do not cook the water out. Think pasta when cooking this blend. … Buy Now!

    Bountiful Barley
  • Cultivated Wild Rice

    Wild rice engenders a relationship between the grower and the environment. Our cultivated wild rice comes from our friends in California. GLUTEN FREE … Buy Now!

    Cultivated Wild Rice
  • Bistro Blend

    Brown rice, red rice, red wheat berry, wild rice.  Bistro Blend, colorful, textured wholegrain blend  is our all time best seller.  Salads, side dishes, and soups. This is our original blend and still remains our customer’s favorite. This combination of whole grains is full of texture and flavor. … Buy Now!

    Bistro Blend